The International Society for Industrial Ecology


ISIE is an interdisciplinary forum of natural and social scientists, engineers, policymakers and practitioners inspired by the industrial ecological metaphor and by concerns for sustainability. Founded in 2001, its mission is:

  • To advance the development of systems based analysis methods, tools and solutions in pursuit of sustainable technologies, product and service systems, consumption and economies; and

  • To promote the use of industrial ecology in research, education, industrial practices, policy, and community development in order to transform society and achieve a more sustainable economy.
  • Members of the ISIE are able to join subject specific sections as part of their membership. Sections provide a focused community within the ISIE through which ideas are exchanged and collabora- tions are formed. There are currently six subject sections that over half of the ISIE members participate in.

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  • Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA)
  • Eco-Industrial Development/Industrial Symbiosis (EIDC)
  • Socio-Economic Metabolism (SEM)
  • Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) 
  • Organizing Sustainable Consumption and Production (OSCP)
  • Environmental Extended Input Output (EEIO)